Help change a life,

one child at a time.

 From April 2017 to May 2019 we donated $50 from the purchase of every new mower to LifeLink International.

During that period of 25 months, a grand total of 
 $70,550 was donated!

Help change a life,
one child at a time. 

When you buy from Caldwell, you’re making a difference.

Since April 2017, we’ve donated $50 from the purchase of every new mower to LifeLink International.

We truly believe in LifeLink’s core mission: To help lift children from the clutches of devastating poverty. 

During that period of 25 months, a grand total of
$70,550 was donated!

Our LifeLink Connection

Justin Caldwell

I've been to LifeLink School in Nicaragua on two separate trips. Both times I was a part of a group that volunteered to help with the construction of some of the school buildings. I’ll never forget the moment on my first trip to Nicaragua when I first went through the gates onto the school grounds. Seeing the well-kept lawn (yes, I noticed the lawn first ) :) and the beautiful school buildings built by volunteers that had come before me was awe inspiring!

The children wore clean uniforms with navy pants or skirts and bright white shirts. From the smiles on their faces you could never tell of the devastating poverty that existed right outside those gates. The children there know they’ve been given an opportunity that so many kids in Nicaragua just don’t have. I went there to make a difference and to be a blessing, but the truth is that I came back changed and blessed. My eyes are now opened to just how good we have things here in the U.S. I’ve decided to make this donation with every new mower we sell, so that LifeLink can continue educating these kids and giving them an chance to change the world around them for good!

 Daniel Cullum

When I decided to go to Nicaragua, I had never been out of the country before. I was nervous, but I felt very compelled to go and try to help in any way that I could. Seeing how differently the people there live really opened my eyes. It really made a huge impact on how I live my life, being thankful for everything I have been blessed with. I hope I was able to to help and be a small blessing in Nicaragua because I know it was a huge blessing in my life to be there.

Ben and George

I’ve had the opportunity to go on a construction mission trip to Nicaragua with Victory Church in Pevely, Missouri twice now. My experience there was heart breaking but also very uplifting. We were helping build a school in a severely poverty-stricken area outside the capital of Managua.  Myself, along with a team of skilled workers, laid the floors with hand mixed concrete in each building and also did the electrical work and plumbing with the supplies we had brought from the United States. Every child is usually very happy to be at the school because not many people in Nicaraga have the opportunity for an education like the one they are receiving from LifeLink. After being there twice, I’ll go back any time I have the opportunity!