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How Ferris  Suspension Systems Work 

The FW25 dual hydrostatic walk-behind packs the professional features of our FW35 model in a narrower package. With easy- to-use controls, an electric start option and a top ground speed of 6 mph, it's all your crew needs to breeze through lawn jobs with little effort. Heavy-duty construction and big, 20" tires paired with a commercial-grade transmission make the FW25 truly perform on those long workdays. For detailed specifications, click here.



FW25 Ferris mower


NEW FW25, 36", Kawasaki FS541 15hp  #5901425 

NEW FW25CC, 36”, Kawasaki FS600E.S. 19hp #5901426 

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The FW35 dual hydrostatic walk-behind was built from the ground up to meet the demands of professional mowing crews. The design gives this mower smoother and more user-friendly operation. Easy-to-use controls include a cruise control bar and independent steering with a speed indicator. Longer belt life, 1/4" thick engine deck, and easy access to serviceable parts are just a few of the improvements. Powerful VanguardTM and Kawasaki® FX Series Engine options paired with your choice of 48", 52" and 61" cutting widths provide productivity and performance. For specs, click here.



FW35 Ferris mower

NEW FW35CC, 48", Kawasaki FX651E.S. 20.5hp #5901361 

NEW FW35CC, 52", Kawasaki FX651E.S. 20.5hp  #5901362

NEW FW35CC, 52", Vanguard EFI OGS. 28hp  #5901600

NEW FW35CC, 61", Kawasaki FX730E.S. 23.5hp #5901363

0% for 48 months for qualified buyers!

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The Soft Ride Stand-on SRS Z2 is raising the bar with our patent pending adjustable operator platform, featuring suspension technology, optimizing operator comfort and increasing productivity!  The superior balance provides stability and maneuverability that exceeds expectations for traction and handling. For detailed specs, click here.

$350 OFF + $350 Mail-In Rebate = $700 OFF!!  Ends June 12!


SRS Z2 Ferris mower

NEW SRSZ2, 52", Kawasaki FX801 25.5 HP, #5901466

NEW SRSZ2, 52", Vanguard EFI 28 HP, #5901605

NEW SRSZ2, 61", Kawasaki 25.5 HP, #5901468

NEW SRSZ2, 61", Vanguard EFI 28 HP, #5901606

0% for 48 months for qualified buyers!

The SRS Z1 offers all of the same great productivity and comfort as the larger SRS Z2, but in a more compact package. With smaller mowing deck options, the Z1 is optimal for navigating through tight gates or loading on smaller trailers. True to the Soft Ride Stand-on (SRS) series, the adjustable operator platform on the Z1, features suspension technology, offering operator comfort and performance. While providing stability and maneuverability that exceeds expectations for traction and handling, whether on slopes or on flat terrain. 

Click here for more Z1 features:

- Vanguard™, Kawasaki® FX600V or FX691V engine options.
- The PTO conveniently disengages when the operator leaves the platform to move an obstacle or pick up debris. When the operator steps back onto the platform and re-engages the PTO switch the blades start again for continued mowing.
- Easy-locking 3-position ground speed control ensures smooth operation in tight spaces while the Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400® transaxle allows the unit to handle grueling conditions.
- Available with a 36" 10-gauge fabricated deck or a 48” iCD™ Cutting System mowing deck, that comes equipped with strong 1/4-inch Marbain® steel blades which generate greater lift and improve airflow.
- The operator platform, with adjustable suspension technology, integrated forward and reverse levers and ergonomic thigh pads, delivers a more comfortable ride. 

$350 Discount + $350 Mail-In Rebate = $700 OFF!  Ends June 12!



SRS Z2 Ferris mower

NEW SRSZ1 36", Vanguard 23 HP, #5901550

NEW SRSZ1 36", Kawasaki FX600 19 HP, #5901546

NEW SRSZ1 48", Vanguard 23 HP, #5901675

NEW SRSZ1 48", Kawasaki FX691 22 HP, #5901547

0% for 48 months for qualified buyers!

You're a serious professional who demands serious performance and maneuverability for mowing in tight spaces. You need a compact commercial-grade zero-turn mower that's big on features yet light on the wallet. We've got it! The compact, small-frame Ferris® F60Z comes equipped with a fixed frame and an impressive combination of feature and premium components, designed to get you in and out of your jobs quickly and confidently.

Click here for more F60Z features:

- Patented advance debris management system on model with the Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series engine.
- 36" 10-gauge fabricated deck with greaseable aluminum spindles for long-lasting life.
- Dual commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3100® transaxles feature 7" cooling fans that assist with repelling debris.
- Comfortable premium mid-back adjustable seat with padded armrests for optimal comfort.
- Energy absorbing isolation bumpers under the seat mount provides additional operator comfort.



F60Z Ferris mower

10th Anniversary Sale - $500 OFF!

NEW F60Z 36", Briggs 25 HP, #5901548

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$350 Mail-In Rebate  

NEW F60Z 36", Kawasaki FX600 25 HP, #5901549

0% for 48 months for qualified buyers!

The Ferris® 400S zero turn mower is the best of both worlds. On a compact, entry level body the 400S is able to navigate tight areas without sacrificing commercial grade attributes. A large fuel capacity, hefty drive tires for added traction and a dual drive system sets the 400S far above the competition.  

Click here for more 400S Features:  

• Available with either a Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series or Kawasaki® FR series engine.* 
• Equipped with a 10-gauge 48″ mowing deck the 400S is built to last.
• Featuring superior comfort the 400S’ large coil-over independent progressive rate shocks offer day-long operator comfort.
• Mow faster and mow confidently with the dual Hydro-gear® ZT-2800® transaxles that provide reliability and durability.
• Compatible with a number of attachments like a bagging system or a tow/hitch kit.




10th Anniversary Sale - $100 OFF!

NEW 400S, 48", Briggs Comm. 23 HP, #5901704

Hurry, 1 LEFT!

NEW 400S, 48", Kawasaki FR651 21.5 HP, #5901705

0% for 48 months for qualified buyers!

If you are looking for the best value in compact zero-turn mower, look no further than the Ferris IS® 600Z. Featuring our patented suspension technology, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® Drive System and speeds up to 10 mph, this mower will give you all you're looking for and more. The IS® 600Z is capable of tackling tight places, providing maximum maneuverability and productivity.

NEW! Now available with either a Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series or Kawasaki® FS600V series engine.* You can pair either great choice with a 44″, 48″, or now even a 52″ mowing deck.

Click here for more IS600Z Features:

• The floating, 10-guage steel fabricated mowing deck with foot activated height control allows you to cut consistently beautiful grass.
• Comfortable padded 1″ tubular steering control levers.
• Dual, commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400® Transaxles feature 7” cooling fans that assist with repelling debris.
• Patented suspension system consists of rear coil-over-chocks and pivoting front axle with coil-over-shocks.
• Ergonomic control panel features cup holder and fuel gauge for operator convenience.

IS 600Z


IS 600Z Ferris mower

NEW IS600Z, 44", Briggs Comm. 25 HP, #5901699

NEW IS600Z, 48", Briggs Comm. 25 HP, #5901701

NEW IS600Z, 48", Kawasaki FS600 18.5 HP, #5901702

NEW IS600Z, 52", Briggs Comm. 25 HP, #5901700

10th Anniversary Sale - $150 OFF!

NEW IS600Z, 52", Kawasaki FS600 18.5 HP, #5901703

0% for 48 months for qualified buyers!

The IS® 700Z Series, with up to five feet of cutting width, is an amazing value! Featuring our patented suspension technology, iCDTM Cutting System, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® drive system and up to 10 mph speeds, this mower is full of features to increase the operator’s productivity. You’ll mow more lawn in less time. For detailed specifications, click here.

IS 700Z

IS 700Z Ferris mower

0% for 48 months for qualified buyers!

NEW IS700Z, 52", Briggs 27 HP, #5901265

NEW IS700Z, 52", Kawasaki FS691 23 HP, #5901224

NEW IS700Z, 61", Briggs Comm. 27 HP, #5901264

NEW IS700Z, 61", Kawasaki FS730 24 HP, #5901225

Spend one day on the IS® 2100Z zero-turn and you'll discover how our patented suspension technology turns slow, bumpy mowing into riding comfort and enhanced productivity. With Ferris' iCDTM engineering under the mower deck, you'll enjoy consistently accurate cutting performance. The professional lawn striper creates a ballpark-like finish. This machine is an aggressive performer for pros or discerning homeowners. For detailed specs, click here.

IS 2100Z

IS 2100Z Ferris mower

NEW IS2100Z , 52", Vanguard 26 HP, #5901581

NEW IS2100Z , 52", KA FX801 25.5 HP, #5901582

NEW IS2100Z, 61", Vanguard 26 HP, #5901587

10th Anniversary Sale - $250 OFF!

NEW IS2100Z, 61", Kawasaki FX801 25.5 HP, #5901588

NEW IS2100Z , 61", Vanguard EFI OGS 28 HP, #5901589

0% for 48 months for qualified buyers!

The IS® 3200Z is the latest in mowing technology. We took our top-of-the-line design and made it even more reliable and durable. The drive system features independent, commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Powertrain® Transaxles for improved dependability and increased performance. Large 26" drive tires allow for greater traction, smoother ride and improved curb climbing performance. The deck mounting and leveling systems have been updated with solid steel hangers for added reliability and ease of adjustment. For detailed specifications, click here.

IS 3200Z

IS 3200Z Ferris mower

NEW IS3200Z, 61", Vanguard BB 32 HP, #5901575

NEW IS3200Z, 61", KA FX1000V 35 HP, #5901567

NEW IS3200Z, 61", Vanguard BB EFI 37 HP w/Suspension seat, #5901577

NEW IS3200Z , 72", Vanguard BB 32 HP, #5901574

NEW IS3200Z, 72", Kawasaki FX1000V 35 HP, #5901570

NEW IS3200Z, 72", Vanguard BB EFI 37 HP w/Suspension seat, #5901576

0% for 48 months for qualified buyers!

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